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"To practice and cultivate is why I write; so what I live in my magical reality is a LIVING art, not musings left on a digitized, inert page. These are the talking leaves of my own reality check."

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Feed the Earth Once More
pt. 1

Existential crises are moments that challenge the fabric of society and the depths of human consciousness. We are currently experiencing an extended period of profound change and transformation that has the power to redefine and reshape our lives. As these troubles have become global in nature, affecting both the environment and our cultural norms, it is imperative that we confront the underlying issues that have been festering for quite some time.

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Feed the Earth Once More
pt. 2

What we are currently experiencing is not merely a collapse of culture or clashes between civilizations. Rather, it is a struggle for the dignity and significance of the individual soul, and a battle for the soul of the world. Emphasizing the necessity of Soulfulness during a time when the world appears to be losing its essence. Explores the human soul and the underlying living soul of the world, urging the awakening of deep resources and the creation of more spiritual awakening in an era marked by divisiveness and escalating disasters.

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