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Maui MANA || Sacred Sons 

REINDIGENIZE - a return to the place of origin, the home within, born of the land. Join us for 5 days as we return to the home within through primal movement, sound, dance, and play on the sacred land of Maui. MANA - the life force energy in all that exists, supernatural, divine power, spiritual power that animates all of life. Maui Mana is to be immersed in the life force energy of Maui, where we gather to enhance and cultivate our own spiritual power amongst the brotherhood to be the protectors and providers that our families/ communities are asking for.

5 Days of Wild Nature. Sacred Confrontation. Cultural Immersion. Elemental Connection.

upcoming dates
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Speaking engagements, Stage talks, Keynote Address, whatever the word used to describe the offering, I have ardently approached the endeavor as a cultural immersion, a reconnection to the age-old art of storytelling and an activation for the resurgence of myth-making.


The whole engagement is an embodiment of what I sense to be some of the deepest work we can do- to gather together, to make space for the forgotten and denied; to help in the partial recuperation of vital connections to land, elements, and the more-than-human.


To engage and enrage, to ponder and wonder, what would be the dramatic change if we can see and speak the world alive?  How would the entanglements of newly awakened senses and rediscovered connections alter the course of our incessant forward movement?


I desire to live, to know that even in the humblest considerations; I really, truly have lived…not in the way that I gave all I got when the cameras were watching, or every part of me was left on the floor when the shot clock was ticking; In a way that I knew I have a responsibility to open profound places of power within myself and others, to call in a change in a new-old way.  


To craft, weave and smith, the art of Human Making in Endangered times.  While a world fades, another illuminates, I make a plea to be claimed by Ancestry.

Well, that’s what I think about Public Speaking anyway.


I have been a ceremonialist and celebrant for over 10 years, bringing artistry to thresholds of relationality and presence to places of depth.  Ancestral lineages that I uphold and  being taught to hold within liminal spaces and the importance of integrity with authenticity.  I continue to carry the lessons and teachings into every ceremony that I am honored to be invited into.

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