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SPIRIT Ecology

A hearkening to our Inherent Wayfinding, the Primal Navigation that has existed within and without us since the beginning of our time.  A connection to the multi-species ancestry that weaves us through all the kingdoms of plant, animal, mineral, human and ethereal.

ecology (n.) "branch of science dealing with the relationship of living things to their environments," coined in German by German zoologist Ernst Haeckel as Ökologie, from Greek oikos "house, dwelling place, habitation" (from PIE root *weik- (1) "clan") + -logia "study of" (see -logy)

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This 7 week course includes

  • Weekly Video Presentations

  • Daily Soul Search Work & Embodiment Practices

  • Journal Prompts 

presented by Kale Kaalekahi

produced by Matthew Nall, NallStudios

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