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The art of memory.


"The richness of our culture and the depth of our ceremonies shape the fabric of our lives and connect us to something greater than ourselves."

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My project-8.png


I've been a ceremonialist and celebrant for over 10 years, I love bringing artistry to important moments for people. My approach is rooted in honoring ancestral lineages and holding space within these special moments, always prioritizing integrity and authenticity. I continue to carry the lessons and teachings Ive gathered along the way, into every ceremony that I'm honored to be invited into.


Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege of crafting a wide range of ceremonies, from joyous weddings to heartfelt funerals, and everything in between. Each experience has deepened my understanding of the power of ritual and the importance of creating meaningful, and memorable experiences for everyone involved.


My practice is deeply influenced by Indigenous cultural traditions, which I weave seamlessly with contemporary elements to create ceremonies that resonate with modern couples and families that want to feel more connected to one another. I believe in the transformative power of ceremony to mark life's transitions, heal wounds, and strengthen community bonds.


Whether I'm blessing a new home, welcoming a child into the world, or helping a family say goodbye to a loved one, I approach each ceremony with reverence, creativity, and an open heart. My goal is always to create a sacred space where people can connect with themselves, each other, and the deeper mysteries of life.


Located on Maui, Hawai'i



Weddings & Vow Renewals

Marriage is a sacred union, a covenant of love that binds two souls together in a journey of mutual discovery and growth. It is a sanctuary where the light of each person's soul can shine brightly, illuminating the path they walk together. In marriage, we find a mirror of our deepest self, a reflection of the divine presence that dwells within and between us.

Remembrance & Renewal

A gathering to honor the invisible presence of our departed loved one, whose spirit now dwells in the eternal. This ceremony is a tender bridge between loss and healing, grief and gratitude.

Blessing of Home & Land

This blessing is an invocation of the eternal, calling forth the hidden grace that dwells within this space. We stand at the threshold between the seen and unseen, inviting the spirit of this place to awaken and embrace those who will dwell here.

Sacredness of Work

By recognizing the sacredness of our work, we become co-creators with the divine, our efforts a living prayer that echoes through the corridors of time. This blessing invites us to find renewal in our daily labors, to discover wells of inspiration in the most unexpected places, and to recognize the face of the eternal in those we serve through our work.

If you’d like more information, get in touch with me.

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