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                    In my life, the emphasis has been on the depth and meaningfulness of every moment, rather than the “bucket list” of hope for accomplishments or the grab bag collection of “trinket” experiences.  I keep a strong belief that we are all part of the bigger story, the one that is hardly EVER talked about and rarely given a VOICE. 


We are entrusted a vital role in this story, each and every one of us hold onto a significant piece to the Grand Conspiracy.  Consequently, We have a responsibility to create the collective reality with the thoughts we choose to think, the emotions we choose to feel, the language we choose to speak, and the actions we choose to take. 

It all is a CHOICE…




conspire (v.) rom Latin conspirare "to agree, unite, plot," literally "to breathe together," from assimilated form of com "with, together" (see con-) + spirare "to breathe"


"Pouring into my grief a lovers song for beauty, naively bartering with the fates, still alive, perched on a budding tree, watching the ocean of time" 

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       I have taken many paths in life.    

A long list of jobs and professions, an operator at a water bottling plant, a kayak tours guide and business owner, a professional entertainer, and officiating 5 weddings a week to name a few.  I’ve forgotten and remembered, lost myself and discovered myself again multiple times. I’ve defined who I am, got comfortable with the labels, then threw them away.   So for this moment as you’re reading this…I am a self-proclaimed cultural innovator, spiritual activist, visionary tracker and storyteller.  I am passionate about training and cultivating in all aspects of my life; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and communal. I believe that aligned thought, emotion, communication and action are critically important to the healing and regeneration of a Heart-Led society. 

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emotion (n.) from Old French emouvoir "stir up" (12c.), from Latin emovere "move out, remove, agitate," from assimilated form of ex "out" (see ex-) + movere "to move" (from PIE root *meue- "to push away")on stray""

SPIRIT Ecology

A hearkening to our Inherent Wayfinding, the Primal Navigation that has existed within and without us since the beginning of our time.  A connection to the multi-species ancestry that weaves us through all the kingdoms of plant, animal, mineral, human and ethereal.

ecology (n.) "branch of science dealing with the relationship of living things to their environments," coined in German by German zoologist Ernst Haeckel as Ökologie, from Greek oikos "house, dwelling place, habitation" (from PIE root *weik- (1) "clan") + -logia "study of" (see -logy)

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This 7 week course includes

  • Weekly Video Presentations

  • Daily Soul Search Work & Embodiment Practices

  • Journal Prompts 

presented by Kale Kaalekahi

produced by Matthew Nall, NallStudios

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