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The Mentorship is for Professional Development Training and Cultural Consultation, to enrich our experiences and deepen our connections to person, profession, community and environment.

the pillars


- Lifestyle artistry through movement, nutrition & breath

- supported 24 hour fast


- Root causes of emotion

- Track & Release Emotional Method

- Emotional recalibration and healing depth & presence


- Reevaluating the 5 core relationships

- Pattern recognition, disruption & design

- Assembling innate navigation (process, prevent & progress)


- Ancestral connection

- Place based knowledge

- Cultural discernment 

- Radical wholeness

- Mother Death culture


astray (adj.) early 14c., o strai, "away from home; lost, wandering" (of cattle), borrowed and partially nativized from Old French estraie, past participle of estraier "astray, riderless (of a horse), lost," literally "on stray""

  • 4 sessions each month (90 minutes) 

  • Week to Week reorientation and alignment to the 4 Pillars

  • Text Message and Email Support

  • Personalized Home Work: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly 

  • Distinctions, Practices and Daily Rituals to Enrich Life

  • 4 week commitment or 3 month commitment

My hope is you will see & feel:

  1. Rediscovered Authenticity, confidence and direction in all aspects of life​

  2. Implementing a guidance system to self-lead from intuition and instinct

  3. Clarity on The Soul Project with a purpose-driven focus in the World

  4. Improved health, performance, and energy levels for more creativity and joy in life

  5. Accountability for unconscious behaviors and deprecating attitude

  6. Courage to identify and share inherent gifts to benefit all relationships

  7. Motivation to Care less about people pleasing and to Care more about fulfillment

  8. Solidify Boundaries and Responsibilities with a loving Presence

  9. Unlearning as the New Learning, Making Change the Norm

  10. Enhance Relationships with depth, meaning & love​

authentic (adj.) (13c., Modern French authentique) and directly from Medieval Latin authenticus, from Greek authentikos "original, genuine, principal," from authentes "one acting on one's own authority," from autos"self" (see auto-) + hentes "doer, being" (from PIE root *sene- (2) "to accomplish, achieve").

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